Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Double Bubble Hour(s)

The jury's still out on the real painkilling effects of the Rx cocktail my wonderful doctor mixed up for me yesterday, but going through the day with a massive buzz is quite something. I feel like I've had just enough G&Ts at a half-price happy hour at this point. Rail drinks from the Target pharmacy! Hooray! At least the prescriptions allowed me some blissful sleep last night for several good, solid hours until everything wore off around 3:30 a.m. Fortunately, that's prime time for IM'ing with friends and family overseas. My Oslo connection, the lovely Scholiast, and I talked for a few minutes while I waited for my next dose of stuff to take effect and I could sleep again. Also got to yammer with my brother Air Jordan about his upcoming civil union in Germany with his partner of many, many years (who is a rockin' cool guy - I consider him to be my adopted brother.) Strangely, I dreamed about their ceremony recently. In the dream, my brother was much younger than he is at this point, built like a linebacker, and was showing off his nice gray suit for the occasion. So, I asked my brother this a.m. about his suit for the celebration. Turns out, it's gray. Good job, sleeping mind!

Lunch break is over. Back to work now, which is being done from home today. Thank you to my boss for letting me do this. I cannot imagine trying to hobble around the office today, good drugs or not! Let's hear it for the wireless network and the work laptop! Whoo-hoo!


Chuck said...

I'm going to the doc's myself tomorrow, for a sinus issue that's making me feel like I've had a couple all the time (with regards to my balance, that is.) I think I just need some antibiotics though. Hope you get good news on your MRI!

Loracs said...

On those rare occasions when I wish for a simplier time of yore, I remember, they didn't have good pain meds and I immediately thank god I live here and now.

Hope the drugs keep you drifting until the body heals.