Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Misery, 6:40 a.m.

Excuse any typos. There may be some.

I've just had the most miserable night I've experienced in a very, very long time. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning with the foot guy. I was having problems with one of my toes (which, it turns out may have been caused by me needing new sneakers. Crap.) Afterward, although I was supposed to spend the rest of the day on the couch, resting the offending tootsie, I went to work. I felt guilty. The eye has kept me out of work so often, I cannot help but feel guilty when anything else keeps me from being there. So, I hobbled in, puffy toe wrapped in bandages wrapped unhappily in shoe. I kept hobbling the rest of the day, my lower back aching badly on the left side.

Stopped at CVS on the way home and retrieved some of those Ben-Gay heat patches. Figured that would help the aching back. No go. Still hurt.

I had a bag of garbage that had to be walked down to the trash room in the basement of my building. Halfway through my hobble downstairs, Mr. Eye did his depth perception magic, I missed a step and fell. I caught myself, but - my god - the sudden horrible pain. I think I pulled/strained/tore something in that already aching lower back/hip area.

I came back upstairs, did the ice thing, took some ibuprofen and went to bed.

I couldn't sleep. I was in agony with every slight turn. I finally lightly started to sleep around 1:45 - that's the last time I remember seeing the clock, at least.

Until the trucks came at 2:15.

There is a Comcast junction box directly outside my bedroom window. It's on a pole that matches the height of my window precisely. And Comcast is there frequently to do work. When the sun is shining, that is.

In order to use their cherrypicker, they have to start the truck - a loud diesel - and run it throughout the process. Well, guess what? They ran it. Stopped it. Ran it. Stopped it. Talked on their distinctive Nextel walkie-talkies. Yelled to each other. Drove to the end of the block. Came back. Over and over again.

They didn't leave until 5:14 this morning. I was awake throughout, trying desperately to sleep, but failing miserably. Each time I turned slightly in bed, I involuntarily cried out. I would actually feel bad for my neighbors, but I doubt they were sleeping either, thanks to the bastards from Comcast. I tried to call Comcast at one point, but they tried to put me through to their automatic bill payment system. I haven't been their customer since March 9th, but those dumb clucks keep billing me for $56 for the rest of March. I gave up calling. I considered going outside and asking them for just an hour's grace, but I could not stand up. I tried. I screamed. I couldn't breathe.

When my cellphone alarm went off at 6:15, I had to drag myself out of bed, crying, and clutch the walls, hyperventilating, to reach it in the living room. I have never felt pain like this before. Finally, I got into the shower, although it took tremendous effort to get swing my leg in without falling down. I figured that hot water might ease the pain. It did. Briefly.

I'm hunched over my computer desk now, at 6:40, trying to decide if I should drive myself to the emergency room - if I can get to my car - or wait to call my doctor. Seriously, I don't know if I can walk to my car on my own.

Son of a bitch.

I have a LOT of work to do today.

And I have plans this week.

This is pretty evil, since I've had nothing, nothing, nothing to do for ages except for worry and pay bills (which I still have to do.) Why this week, karma-bitch?

My kingdom for a good painkiller right now. I don't care if I have to be drugged to the gills, I'm not missing out on what I have planned this week, dammit.

But right now, I'm wrapped in a towel with my head squished down on one shoulder, uncertain if I can stand long enough to get dressed. Or even stand at all.

Man, this sucks.

Not as much as Comcast sucks, though.


E :) said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that. I really hope you are feeling better soon. Sending you good vibes...

Anonymous said...

I really am sorry. as for comcast ..what a bunch of fuckers. --erika

Sudiegirl said...

I hope you feel better, hun...

And BTW, I have anointed you with a "thinking blogger" award. Come to my blog for details...

paulnojustpaul said...

Aww, that's just not fair (and Comcast on top of it.) [insert hug here]

Here's hoping the MRI shows the way forward and they can easily do something to help.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Chuck said...

Hey Merujo, I hope the docs gave you some help. The last time my back went out badly I missed three days of work from it. It could have been partly stress-related, but I was about like you in the cannot get out of bed department. But at least I didn't have a Comcastic sleep interruption.