Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mom on the radio

Back in 1999, just about two years before she died, my mom gave a talk to the local chapter of the U.S. Air Force Association in the Quad Cities (Iowa/Illinois, for those not familiar with the fabulous QCs.) My sister, Nurse Rachet, recorded the talk on the only recording device she had available - an old tape recorder with less than great audio quality. However, my friend Dave Garner at WVIK, the public radio station where I grew up, was able to clean up the audio a bit, and chunks of that talk will be used in a WWII oral history show on WVIK this coming Sunday:

If you're in the Quad Cities, you can listen to WVIK on your radio, of course (2 p.m.!) Unfortunately, due to new, lame legislation that hobbles streaming radio broadcasters with ridiculously high fees (thank you, RIAA and the Copyright Royalty Board), the show will not be streamed live on the Internet on Sunday. However, after the original air date, the show *will* be available online via WVIK's archives (


Cyn said...

How cool!

Looking forward to listening.

Janet Kincaid said...

This is very cool! I'll have to tune in.

Anonymous said...

Great!! I hope you update this post after the radio station has posted the link... that'll help random people (that would be me) to find the radio program.