Friday, July 27, 2007

What would you want to hear?

So, I'm working on radio commentaries right now. The show for which I write these pieces is focused on the DC area. Keeping in mind this is a family-friendly NPR show, what would *you* like to hear me ramble about in connection to life in the fabulous DC area?

I have written a piece this week about the funky squirrel attack.

But what next?

I'm having a creative crisis, so lemme know what intrigues you.



Sasquatch said...


Janet Kincaid said...

The demise of the thank-you wave when you let someone merge in front of you in traffic. What happened to that? Where did it go?

I keep wanting to blog about that, but then I don't. Maybe tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Tourists? Commuting? Tourists who want to stay WITH us. Or, the quality and not so quality hospitals in the area (thinking Suburban and PG Hospitals off the top of my head, for example)? Cost of eldercare in the Montgomery County area? OR? Just some quick ideas. When are you on?

Anonymous said...

I second the idea about driving/traffic: road rage, cars vs. pedestrians, cars vs. bikes, why people drive to work when they could take public transportation, etc.

I was victim of an unfortunate case of parking lot rage yesterday in the downtown Trader Joe's lot. It was crowded and there were no spots available. I was chillin' in my car waiting for the next customer to exit who I could follow to their car. This lady lays on her horn behind me and wouldn't stop. Where did she expect me to go? Get in line, lady.

And, I walk to work and am almost hit by cars disobeying traffic signals on a regular basis. But I also see (and ocassionally am guilty of) dangerous jaywalking. Sometimes we pedestrians are asking for it. Seems like we could all use a wake up call about obeying traffic laws -- for everyone's own good!

Sudiegirl said...

How about the sad lack of Whiteys' ice cream stores in DC?