Sunday, August 26, 2007


Come along for a stroll with the Sasquatch and me through the midway on the final night of the 2007 Montgomery County Agricultural Fair ...

The photo above was taken by the Sasquatch.
I'm too short & couldn't snap the fish without
the reflection of the white light cutting it in half!

Want to see some better photos from the fair?
Visit the Sasquatch's blog for some good stuff!
He's got a good eye. (Two actually.)

Thanks for coming along!


Chuck said...

Cool pics!

Anonymous said...

Great pics. I might need to convince Kristen to go to a fair just to take pictures.

hoyameb said...

Oh those gliders. My daughter and sister-in-law did those last year at the Henry Co. Fair (IL). Most of the time I am aware that I have cloned my daughter, but her love of amusement park rides comes from outer space, or her father, or something.

Cyn said...

No spitting on coins? Damn.

Awesome photos! Now off to check out Sasquatch's.

Anonymous said...

Love the bored girl with the almost tiara:) Hey, that's one ride I can actually DO, and, it's FUN! Seems you both enjoyed it.