Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sick Puppy

Ah, the fever, hacking cough, sore throat and congested head that is the hallmark of one of my classic ailments! Welcome back!

I left work early today with an armful of work to review at home. Instead, I was trapped in bad traffic and didn't get up to Bethesda for ages and ages. By the time I got to the apartment, I had a nasty fever and lightheadedness that took me straight to the comfort and safety of the sofa.

Still, despite feeling foul, it's been a good day. Got to chat a bit with my friend Lunesse, who has her hands full with a CUTE new baby. The Sasquatch is back from his well-deserved vacation. And I am inspired to write. One of the book editors at work heard my latest radio piece and came by my office to tell me how much she enjoyed it. Then she asked me when she'd be seeing a book proposal from me.

Yeah, it's been a good day. Just wish these hot little snot aliens weren't living in my skull!

Hot Little Snot Aliens -- now there's a good band name.


Anonymous said...

I like that band's right up there with "poop smoothie" in my book.

Chuck said...

My favorite fake band name of all time (which someone else where I worked at the time came up with) is "Pop Colostomy and his Bag Pipe Band."