Friday, October 05, 2007

The Loathesome Hunt for a New (well, very used, actually) Car

Being without a car sucks. Hunting for a car sucks. Hunting for a car in the $3K range that is driveable, comfortable and isn't falling apart or covered in sticky nicotine stains and cigarette burn holes REALLY sucks.

The Sasquatch would like to see me in a car that wraps a little more steel around me than the Crapmobile did, wee thing that it was. After this accident (and the tremendous pain I'm experiencing), I agree with him. Back spasms that suddenly make you weep like a baby? They suck even more than hunting for a damn car.



Heather Meadows said...

:( I was hoping the insurance payout would get you more than of luck finding a good car!

Merujo said...

You and me, both, Heather! You and me, both! Poor wee car.