Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy, happy hand turkey!!

I know tomorrow most of my friends will be: 1)stuck in an airport security line, getting some "bad touch" from the freaks at TSA; 2) trapped in an ungodly jam on I-95, I-80, or I-shoulda-stayed-home; or 3) fighting with some angry suburbanite over the last good Butterball at Safeway. So, I figured I'd send out Thanksgiving wishes to you all now, before you head over the river and through the woods.

And who can say it better than Tom Hand Turkey, sharing the thoughts of so many of his brethren this holiday week:

Yeah, I'm a classy girl. And what fine work I can do with MS Paint, huh? The Sasquatch commented on his deformed feet. I just like to think of him as a very special digitally-rendered hand turkey in need of orthopedic shoes. No wonder he's so cranky. (The turkey, that is. Not the Sasquatch.) By the way -- that's a free-drawn hand. No actual human hand was traced for that turkey. I mean, yeah, I'm certainly no delicate flower, but I swear I don't have mutant "man hands" that look like this bird. I just have really shaky mouse skills.


Jerry: She had man hands!
Elaine: Man hands?
Jerry: The hands of a man!

But, seriously, I hope each and every one of you has a lovely Thanksgiving, no matter where you are! I am thankful for your friendship, your readership, and your continued support through my very strange life. May your holiday be peaceful, joyful, and filled with tryptophan and tasty carbs!

With every good wish for Turkey Day,



Chuck said...

Hope your at-home dinner rawks! I'm staying in town, but Mom is coming to visit. Due to her memory issues, this means someone has to go with her to the airport and wait until she boards the plane, and I will meet her here in my town at the gate. Fortunately, my sister is cooking dinner, so I just have to bring the rolls.

Merujo said...

Thanks, Chuck! I think my dinner-in-a-box will be very nice. Very quiet, too. Enjoy dinner with your family - bring really good rolls! ;)

Real Live Lesbian said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'd trade places with you in a heartbeat. I'm cooking.

I'm already pissy and it hasn't even started yet. ; )

Cyn said...

As much as I respect Mr. Sasquatch's professional opinion, I think your hand turkey's feet are rather awesome.

Anyway, so happy to see the feathered hand has returned for another year. Possibly the bright spot of my Thanksgiving experience...

Planning on bringing a lot of wine to my in-laws tomorrow. A lot. Perhaps an impromptu hand turkey just might turn up in the middle of dinner (does it count if you make one by placing your hand in mashed potatoes on your plate? Lima beans for the eye?)

Anonymous said...

Happy, tasty Thanksgiving to you!! Hope it's wonderful.

Sudiegirl said...

What everyone else said.

My hand turkeys always looked like they'd been through a meat grinder.

Let's just say my artistic skills didn't serve me well.

Anonymous said...

We used to make hand-turkey sugar cookies. Boy, did those young Girl Scouts load up the frosted turkey-shaped cookies with, well, candies and pretzels and all sorts of supposedly edible items. Of course, THIS entry didn't require you to go burn your hand for the NEXT entry. :)