Friday, January 25, 2008

Thanks to the tech smarts of my friend Spencer, I have finally taken advantage of Blogger's free hosting service using my own domain name, You can still type in and it will redirect you to The "www" in the addy is important. Leave it out, and you'll get a parking page for me at GoDaddy.

So, there you have it. Not such a big change, but I've owned for a couple of years now, and it's about time I used the damn thing.

Progress. Baby steps, for sure. But progress, nonetheless.

Announcement over. I now return you to the remainder of your fabulous Friday.


Heather Meadows said...

Congrats! It's so nice to have a domain :)

Scholiast said...

How do you do that? I've got a domain too that's just 'hanging around', wouldn't mind using it but I don't know how...