Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Good Argument for Renter's Insurance

Sometimes, Mutha Nature doesn't just bring down swift arboreal justice on the cars on the street where I live.

Sometimes, she puts the smackdown on the *place* where I live, with window/floor/ceiling-rattling force.

My building, this morning:

What you can't see in the morning haze off the cell phone camera are the branches on the roof. However, you can see just how far this tree reached in the photo below, with the tree bits on the balcony and lawn on the other side:

Strangely, just after the tree fell onto the cars last month, I was wondering when one of the diseased tree husks was going to slam into the building. Fortunately, the crab apple tree right in front of my balcony is healthy and still blooming away.

Just a quick post over my morning coffee. BTW, Olivia Newton-John's intimate concert here at work was good last night. (No, I didn't have $500 for a ticket -- through the kindess of the foundation, I was able to snag a couple of gratis seats for myself and the Sasquatch!) Not many of her old classics of my childhood (just "Magic" and "I Honestly Love You"), but the songs she sang clearly came from her heart and from someone who has triumphed over a great deal of adversity in her life. ONJ has a lot of love for this fragile planet and gratitude for what she has been granted in her life. It may not have been a trip down my memory lane, but it was cool. She's nearly 60, just came off three weeks walking the Great Wall of China in April to raise money for cancer research and treatment, and last night she had more energy and life than I've had in ages! Good on ya, Olivia!

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