Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time for a couple of days off

Not sure what the deal is, but I'm getting nausea-inducing headaches first thing in the morning and just around the end of the work day this week. I used to get the morning headaches quite when I worked for "Ill Will" many moons ago, but I think those were caused by stress when I worked for the insane woman who chewed her thumbs until they bled, and then drew little symbols in her blood on office memos.

Go figure.

I think the morning headaches right now are a result of not being able to get a physical therapy appointment for a week. I must sleep like a pretzel, and that can't be good for all those healing bones.

As for the end of the day headaches? I think it's just too much time staring at the computer screen and not being able to take walks throughout the day right now to get my eyeballs off the monitor.

Things will improve with time.

But I think I'll cut myself a long weekend of slack here at the Church of the Big Sky. I'm taking what the Russians would call a "malen'kiy pereryv" - a short break. See if a couple of evenings away from the keyboard will stave off the head thumpers.

Next week is nutty with work events, too, so things will be spotty for a bit. I'll Twitter here and there, but look for something the following weekend.

Yeah, while the rest of America is bbq'ing, I'll be blogging.

I'm nothing if not a bit off-kilter...


Chuck said...

While you're blogging, I'll be either working, or sleeping if it's during the day.

I think if I ever got a job with normal hours and all weekends/holidays off, after ten plus years of working for airlines, my body would go into shock.

Hope you feel better soon!

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Further signs I need to get a real job? Completely unaware that Memorial Day weekend is May 24-26. Hey, if you want to join us on the 24th for grilled cheese sammiches in all their glory and gourmet variety (I have a whole cookbook!), come on over. We're having a group over that evening. You're always welcome.

Unknown said...

Hope the break from the puters does the trick !!