Saturday, July 26, 2008 needs a proofreader

...or they shouldn't leave the weekend interns in charge.

Don't know if you've heard the controversy about Nike's "Hyperdunk" ads that feature a guy with another guy's crotch right in his face as he dunks a ball. Over the photo the words "THAT AIN'T RIGHT" appear in outlined text. Here's the image:

There has been outcry from the gay community that the ad is homophobic. Here's a link to a piece on Gawker (one of my favorite websites) about the brouhaha.

Well, Nike opted to use some common sense here and pull the ads. And decided to report Nike's decision this morning. Except someone at didn't use common sense. Or spell check. Or just had gay community issues on his mind. You be the judge. As far as I know, the "i" key is nowhere near "a", "d", or "s" on my keyboard. See the CNNMoney headline:

CNN very quickly fixed it, just after I pulled the screenshot (which I gleefully forwarded to Gawker.)

Stay classy, CNN!


Jamy said...

Welcome back! You won't have seen me coming by because I have you in my reader, but I have missed you.

Unknown said...

Welcome back and may I say...
'nuff said.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Yeah! You're back. So nice to see you!

CNN definitely needs a proofreader. And so does the WaPo. You should see the doozy I found today!

Anonymous said...

Who knew that Nike had this kind of power?

Let's hope they decide to cancel cancer next.

(Welcome back snookems - always thinking good thoughts for you).