Sunday, August 31, 2008

And so it begins...

Remember how I said it would take me some time to put my thoughts about the increasingly fascistic rule of Putin and his puppet? Here's some more fuel for my fire.

You know how it goes.

Just big boo-boo mistake, da? You kidnap opposition blogger, put gun to head, and, damn, it go off accidentally!


By the way, on ABC News this morning, Cindy McCain stated that Sarah Palin has a really good grasp of national security issues because Alaska is close to Russia.

I work three blocks from the White House. Does that mean I should understand what goes on inside Cheney's head?

God help us. Please, Democrats, don't screw the pooch on this election!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap - does this mean I could be quartebacking for the Eagles this year - because I'm pretty close to the stadium?

I laugh at all this and then realize that moron majority in this country is lapping it up. The religious right loves her. People looking for any reason not to vote for Obama, are lapping it up.

It's like this is some strange black comedy where a Presidential candidate, realizing how moronic the voters are, decides to purposely through the election in an effort to see how far people will go not to vote for his minority candidate.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Sarah Palin knows Russia because Alaska is close to it?! What does that mean? That Palin and Putin swap eggs and cups of sugar?! Palin's foreign policy experience is making Obama's look far more legitimate than ever.

McCain is an idiot. And his choice of Palin is an insult to the intelligence of thinking, voting women. Obama is right: McCain doesn't get it.

I'm praying the same prayer: please don't let us screw this one up, fellow Democrats and swing voters. Please, please, please.