Sunday, September 21, 2008

Selling Domain Names

Hey, Internet-savvy friends,

I have two domain names I've owned since the days of my self-employment. For a while I wanted to hold onto them, thinking I might be able to make a go of things with my little businesses. Clearly, that's not happening.

I forgot that they auto-renewed with Go Daddy today. Sure, it's not much money for a year for most people - thirty-some-odd bucks. Unfortunately, that loss of thirty-some-odd bucks now leaves me with $4 in my bank account until next Friday. Can you say "majorly screwed"? I can. I can also say, "Hey, moron! You should have gotten rid of these domains last year!" I have no excuse except for the absentmindedness that comes from stress (serious about that.) Plus, I was still hopeful about doing something then.

But hey - I have $7 in my purse and four Lean Pockets in the freezer. Not the ideal healthy eating plan. Eh, what can you do?

Can anyone recommend a good service/website for selling domains?

Thanks to anyone with skinny!


Chuck said...

I got hosed on some auto-renewals that hit my checking account last month that rocked me when I was low on funds right before a payday, and I had to pay some overdraft fees, no fun. From now on, any renewals that don't take place monthly are going on a traditional credit card. Otherwise I'll forget about them. Good luck selling your domain names.

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh I hate that crap. Thankfully, it was $4. positive, not negative, and hopefully you have a credit card that's not maxed so you COULD eat and such, as I take it your payday is tomorrow? I've BTDT stretching a handful of dollars for almost 2 weeks. May your money issues curse be banished by now, too!