Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Better living through chemistry

Ahhhh, Vicodin.

Sleep will be had tonight!

As of this afternoon, back surgery has been deemed "too risky" by the orthopedic surgeon. At least for a loooong time to come. I start epidural steroid injections, though, probably next week. Plus a cortisone injection into my shoulder. Yes, fun with needles. Can't beat it.

For now, a bit of relief comes from a Target pharmacy Rx bottle.

Amen, mah bruthas and sistahs! Bring on the drugs!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you're in this much pain, or any pain at all. I really hope the cortisone and steroid injections help. Sending you healing vibes!

Anonymous said...

I too feel for you. In our house dealing with pain is an issue as well, as my wife has been diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel syndrome and docs are trying to get her into surgery. She's inclined to try and tough it out as long as possible, but the pain is nearly all consuming. And even with so called "good" health insurance all she can do is endure the pain that the medication doesn't alleviate.
For what it's worth there are some of us here in the internets that understand. Best wishes and "blog when you can".

Scholiast said...

And amidst all this jolliness... Your eye? It still gets needles in it too? Did you always know you were that closely related to hedgehogs? ......

Hope something good will come 'round soon!