Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not dead yet

Hi folks,

Yeah I've been pretty quiet lately. Had company all last week in the form of my wonderful brother Air Jordan. But, by the last days of his visit, my back pain had become so bad, I was sobbing, hyperventilating, and violently ill. After a brief respite from pain over the weekend, the stabbing sensations were back, with a vengence. I assume, somewhere in my spine, there is a tiny Bruce Willis, battling Teutonic baddies. Yippee kai yay, messed up vertebrae!

The pain has grown so bad this week, I can't function properly by about 4 p.m. each day. My thought processes start to shut down and I can't focus. I'm seeing an orthopedic surgeon again - hopefully, tomorrow afternoon - to discuss steroid injections to relieve some of the agony. I'm going to beg my physical therapy doc tomorrow morning (at 6:15 - eek) to call the ortho guy in advance and tell him I'm not a drug-seeker. I desperately need some sleep and some freedom from this misery, and I am not above begging for pain meds.

Seriously, I was having trouble stringing words together appropriately on the way home tonight. I think the Sasquatch initially thought I was being a dumb-ass until I told him the pain was messing with my brain. Not good for someone who needs her brain for her paycheck.


More when I can sit a bit longer.

I know, I know - bring back the funny. Dudes, I'm *SO* trying!


Chuck said...

Sorry to hear things are not going well with your back. I hope you get some relief soon there. Hugs.

radiocynic said...

Hey, sorry to hear that the pain adventure continues. Gotta strongly recommend the steroid injections -- (mine were specifically referred to as "epidurals"; a series of three; but I know they involved steroids.) That, along with increased exercise, was the key to my own crazy mind-numbing spasming back pain to get manageable; WAY better than any pain meds, which I generally hated.

Anyway, sorry it doesn't help worth a damn, but I definitely do "feel your pain" here. So I sure hope it all goes great for you with the pain-quashing.

Scholiast said...

I hope something works out so you can feel better soon! I can't believe a country that demands you work with pain like that :(

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Sounds awful. I hope the PT doc prescribe something for you. If he didn't, he's a brute.