Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today I'm guest blogging at A Rubber Door

And let's just say, I have a funny feeling Elisabeth Hasselbeck won't be friending me on Facebook any time soon...

For most of my friends and family, it will come as no surprise to hear that I am supporting Barack Obama's campaign to become the next president of the United States. My reasons for this decision are myriad.

I know we desperately need a clear, clean, and definitive break with the national leadership that has misguided our country for the past eight years.

I want a president prepared to talk to all world leaders without immediately invoking the specter of George W. Bush and his ignorance.

I think it would be fantastic to have someone in office who understands what is is to be an ordinary American (as opposed to an admiral's son married to an heiress) and has the outstanding education, serious smarts, and actual critical understanding of both our multicultural nation and our constitution to lead us with grace, decency, strength, and humility.

I sincerely and firmly believe our presidential choice should not be guided exclusively by our personal beliefs, but also by the behavior and judgment demonstrated by the candidates and their key advisors in this race. And that's where John McCain completely lost me in this election. He lost me with the choice of Sarah Palin. Completely. Utterly.

Today, I am honored to be a guest blogger on my friend Spencer's insightful and politically-relevant blog, A Rubber Door. I invite you to read my post there, Wasilly Season, and learn more about why I feel judgment counts, and why the Sarah Palin veep choice was the biggest and most glaring example of John McCain's lack of good judgment in this race.

I would highly recommend you read the posts from Spencer's other guest bloggers while you're there. (And Spencer's own stuff, too!) It makes for some good reading.

American friends, please vote. Please, please, please.

And, hey - very honestly - if you disagree with my views, I invite you to express your opinions here or over in the comment section after my post on Spencer's page. I'm more than happy to defend my position through reasonable discourse. I know by simply being myself and making my views clear, I will offend a few family members and at least a couple of deeply conservative friends.

So be it.

To those family members and friends I say this - over the past few months, I've put up with anti-Obama, falsehood-ridden forwarded e-mails from you and had to read about how I "drank the No-bama kool-aid", and I'm tired of it. Frankly, it's about time you heard what I believe in.

(And P.S. Anyone wishing to engage in debate and thinking of bringing up the lame Bill Ayers argument has to first explain to me how Obama is a bigger "pal" of terrorists than the uber-Republican Annenbergs who funded that whole educational project. Trust me, your local grant guru, funders know exactly who the advisors are on projects they bankroll!)

Thanks for reading. I'll be curious to read your response to my guest blogging entry. And thanks to Spencer for giving me the chance to share my perspective.


Unknown said...

I could not agree more and you made me laugh too! Kids and I door knocked today in our very Obama leaning city so hopefully that will help us to deliver Minn in his column. Also happy early birthday!

Janet Kincaid said...

Well, you know I don't object to your choice of candidate in this election. I'm tired of the rhetoric and fear-mongering of the Republicans and their ilk. Enough! We need a level head, wisdom, and intelligence in the White House.

Cyn said...

I feel like I'm a little late in commenting to do so directly on Spencer's blog -- sorry, illness and Halloween prevailed last week -- but of course I wholeheartedly second everything you said in your post there. Love the Palin combatability quiz!

The point you made here about "reasonable discourse" pretty much summed up what it took me hundreds of words to do on my own Not Spencer post. There was an article in today's Phila Inquirer about bias -- how humans by nature are biased as a sort of defense mechanism (we can't handle the truth!) to justify their decisions and actions. ANYWAY, the point I'm trying to make is that even when one is right (read "Vote Obama") it's good to remember that others may not experience the world from the same perspective. I would hope that there is always room in our society for open debate, with respect for each others' opinions. And "jokes" about drinking the kool-aid (which have been directed at me too) are not respectful.