Saturday, December 05, 2009

First Snow

I was expecting a "light dusting of sidewalks and streets" - that per the TV weather guys yesterday. I woke up to rain and a sky so dim, I just pulled the blanket up over my head and caught a few more minutes of sack time.

But then, I saw a glimmer of white.

And the skies opened up with heavy, wet snow.

I can hear it falling in clumps to the ground below my balcony.

I pulled on my boots and hat and went out to snap a couple of photos. The balcony is slick as hell. (Is Hell slick? Discuss amongst yourselves.) The power's already been out twice. I'm not going anywhere. I'll just sit here with some tea and watch the snow come down from the comfort and safety of the sofa.

Friends in Oz and So. Cal, these are for you:

The tree directly off my balcony.

My friends, that's more than a "light dusting"...
and it's still coming down...

My arm's too short to box with God
or to get close enough to this tree to properly use the macro feature.
Eh, you guys know the drill. I take blurry photos.

And *that* is as far from home as I'm going today.
Well, the laundry room is farther away than the balcony,
but if the power keeps going out, that's off the list, too.


Anonymous said...

Makes me miss my Illinois roots and that wonderful feeling of waking to the strange new silent world of the first heavy snow. Thanks for the pics. We're getting ready for our winter weather - rain is forcast for the next few days. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - time for the umbrella.

Anonymous said...

Sigh... I so wish I were there. Thanks for posting the photos! xoxo

Chuck said...

Very pretty! Nice photos.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

We keep waiting for snow here. Alas, nada. Weird part: I just pulled up the webcam for D.C. and there isn't a flake in sight. Are we looking at the same thing?

Stay safe and warm! (And yes, Hell is slicker than snot. And hot. You can have both. 'Cause it's Hell and that's how Hell works.)

Merujo said...

It's amazing how much snow vanished overnight last night - but my car had a good two inches of wet snow turned to ice on my car when I went out today. It was supposed to get near 40F today, but never got warmer than 34F...