Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Weather Report from the Bottom of the Stairs

Went out to snap a photo of my balcony lights, but I couldn't get out in from of them -- there's 17 1/2 inches of snow in the yard as of right now, and the snow shows no signs of stopping.

Not so snazzy with the flash on...

And still not so snazzy -- it's 26F outside,
and I had to take off my gloves to take photos.
Shaky, shaky, frozen hands, but you get the idea...

Not such an attractive angle, but proof of life, eh?

I was trying to shoot the gentle yellow light
cast on the pathway across the street.
Too far away for anything good,
but I love the effect of the snow on the image...

Looks like some retro-60's interior design motive, no?

Fuzzy image of the path across the street.
Came out kinda cool and impressionistic.
I like it.

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Anonymous said...

loved loved loved your pics and posts about the snow..thnks