Monday, March 29, 2010

Hooray! My WASP article has a publish date!

Just heard from my editor at Smithsonian Air & Space magazine. My feature about Mom, her time in the WASP, and the experience of growing up with a extraordinary woman for a parent is now set for the August 2010 issue of the magazine!


When we get closer to the publish date, I'll post a reminder (and, dear friends, you'll be hearing directly from me, too) so you can pick up your copy at your local news stand. :) It'll be my goal to see this issue sell out!!

And there will be web extras, too - those of you who have never heard my mom's voice will get a chance to hear her tell stories in her own voice.

Can it get any cooler?

Been a good day. A good creative day. Got loads of stuff done for the 9-5, worked to help a new friend make some (hopefully very fruitful) contacts, and got this good news on the article!

I'm going to ride this good feeling as long as I can.

Got an hour before the DVR kicks in for both Law & Order and Castle. Time to do the dishes, so I wake up to a shiny, clean sink. Trust me, there's some Zen in that.

Later, gators!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news... can't wait to see it.. I actually get that mag as I'm an airplane nut from WAY back... Have you ever seen the Doc that was shown on PBS back in the 80's called "Silver Wings & Santiago Blue"??.. it was a killer 60 min on the WASPS.... hope the shoulder(knee,etc.) is better soon!!

Claire said...


When I worked in the Documents section of a library a few years back, my favorite SuDocs class were SI books. Smithsonian! W00t!