Monday, March 01, 2010

Mom makes the local paper

I know, I'm sucking with the writing right now. Been sick. (As if that's a surprise to any of you.)

Ended up with what the ear/nose/throat guy called "the worst sinus infection (he'd seen) in years." Then ended up on an antibiotic that killed my appetite, my balance, my sense of taste/smell, blurred out my vision and gave me joint pain.


On a positive note, my sinus infection is gone now.

Meanwhile, here's a little piece about Mom from this morning's Quad City Times, from back in my hometown. Neat that they include a link to a 1999 story they ran about her, too.

I'll get back up on the blogging horse in earnest in a couple of weeks. Just have to ride/reap/and subdue the whirlwind right now.

Later, gators!

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