Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

At last! My muse is out of rehab.

Fig. 1: Before

Fig. 2: After

Went to Mayorga in King Farm for the first time in eons and spent a couple of hours with pen and paper. No laptop, no distractions, no messin' around. Nursed a skim milk sugar-free iced mocha (with a shot of sugar free Irish creme) and pounded out a few pages of text.

It was good.

Welcome back, muse. I'm not sure what cut-rate version of Promises Malibu you were in, but they did a fine job!

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Chuck said...

I've been on Facebook too much lately, I was looking for a "Like" button for this post. Glad to see the muse is back and no longer hungover! Also, my word verification for this comment is "shank." That doesn't really mean anything but I thought it was cool.