Thursday, September 17, 2009

Farragut North. Wednesday, 6:30 p.m.

Ah, Metro.

Ahhh, Farragut North.

I will admit, it's convenient to work and there is adequate seating for gimps like me. But the surface elevator is a constant swirl of urine and B.O. (no, seriously), and most of the commuters would rather have bamboo shivs run through their eye sockets that interact with the rest of the humans littering the platform.

I wait through lines of sardine-tinned six-car trains, hoping to win a seat in the eight-car lottery. I usually end up planting myself on a Shady Grove-bound train under a panel dripping some H1N1/West Nile-ish substance. Gee, no wonder no one else claimed this spot! The reluctance of many to sit in the last car on the train can grant some peace at the end of the day. If you're willing to spin the Big Wheel of Metro Safety, that is.

While I wait for a ride that isn't packed like a Tokyo commuter special, I sit and observe the patterns. Not the human ones. They have no order at the end of a long day. When there is Human Habitrail chaos around you, and the air is thick and sweaty enough to be a tangible miasma, there is a measure of calm in the geometry of the concrete. Cool and orderly.

And even a little photogenic.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Selling domain names - any advice?

I'm looking to sell my two domains ( and from my old days as a consultant and a failed crafty-type businessperson.

Any readers with any advice or recommendations for venues or techniques for selling a domain?

Muchas gracias,


Saturday, September 05, 2009

Neon Mojo

My neon mojo seems to be on vacation right now. I got a lot of blurry and crappy shots tonight. Maybe I'm just rusty. Or maybe I just should cut myself a little slack. I haven't shot any neon in months, I'm rusty, a little tired, and my eyes hurt from trying to get used to my new eyeglasses today. Also, I shot all of these from inside my Enterprise $9.99/day weekend cheapy rental car. Everywhere I went there were freaky people, and I really didn't want to engage with them.

Oh, excuses, excuses.

Well, it was short trip tonight, but I'm still taking baby steps coming back...

This was a jewelry store in a really crappy strip mall in Gaithersburg,
next to a place called "Starvin' Marvin Pizza." This sign reads "Importers."
Even without my shaky hand, you can barely read it.

Love the neon, but the entryway debris doesn't really encourage me
to buy my next bouquet from them...

Ah, what would a Maryland Saturday night be without a keg and some keno?

This dentist's sign totally cracks me up.
The tooth has lips, but no teeth of its own.
Ponder that one, kids.

I know this sign says "A and S Salon."
But every single time I drive past this place, I misread the ampersand.
It will always be the ASS SALON to me.

These are just the hanging lamps at a Jerry's Subs & Pizza.
I kinda dig how they came out, a little blurred.
Nice, warm colors and soft shapes.

Okay, enough for tonight. I promise, I will try harder next time. I saw a sign for a hookah bar and a cactus wearing a sombrero, advertising fajitas, so I *haveta* go back out and try again.

G'night, kids!