Sunday, March 08, 2009


What's up, you might ask.

Well, my pneumonia is getting better by degrees, but it has spurred a (hopefully temporary) diagnosis of asthma. I'm now on steroids for the next several days and a couple of attractive inhalers for a while.

The directions for the steroids are insane: take four for three days, two for four days, three for three days, put your left foot in, put your left foot out, and dance the gawddang hokey pokey. But, if it helps me stop being wheezy and coughy, that's cool. I've read that extensive use of this particular steroid causes hirsuitism. LOVELY. Great if you're A-Rod, not so great for girls. But that's if you take this for months, so I think I'm pretty free of concern that things are gonna get hairy. (Wouldn't that just be the icing on the cake, eh?)

The hibernating stinkbugs that have declared my apartment Normandy Beach are waking back up with our insanely warm weather. There's a particularly aggressive one that just dive bombed my head and got into my hair. Normally, they don't bother me - they're kinda cool in a "prehistoric exoskeleton-wearing invader" way - but any bug that lands on my head is gonna warrant an arm-flapping, yelling, girly-girl response. (Hope you enjoyed the shrieking, upstairs neighbors from hell!)

I need one of those bug vacuums. Anybody know where you can get one cheap?

Time to get ready for bed. I'm sleeping in the living room tonight, since my bedroom is an oven.

More soonish - my muse has been on life support while I've been sick, but I think she tore up her DNR and she's back on the job. A little slow, sure - just like me - but she's here.

Later, gators.

I leave you with this - proof of life:

Yale Lake reservoir, up at Mount St. Helens
February 2009


Mary A Brown said...

Good to see you looking so happy here, Merujo! You are a cute thing for sure!

Anonymous said...

The Bugzooka from Northern Tool:

It works best for slow-crawlers.
Only $19.99.

Merujo said...

How cool is that?!?! Thank you, Anonymous person with great info!!

Anonymous said...

That steroid-induced hirsutism must be pretty intense. All that hair seems to have matted your fingers together so you can't type any new entries. Wow. That's just sad.