Thursday, December 21, 2006


Things have been a blur today. Such a blur that I didn't notice that I had my 50,000th hit at 2:01 this morning.

And, as it should be, my 50,000th visitor was the Sasquatch, who had just returned home after an evening of Dolby music with me and Gonzomantis at Sonar in Baltimore.

More on that later. Right now, I'm totally beat. Wiped out. Zonked.

More soon, although my posts will be spotty until the New Year.


Sasquatch said...

50K! W00T!!!!!!!!

Merujo said...

The elusive Sasquatch - he is everywhere! And yet, nowhere!

And dear god, Squatchlet - you "WOOT"ed?

Wow. Mark this day in your calendar!

Anonymous said...

Hi Merujo, Congrats on the milestone. I'll use this occassion to delurk and tell you that I love your site and that I am keeping my fingers crossed that your eye treatment is successful. take care - Erika

Anonymous said...

Have I missed a posting on your new picture? & tell me about being No 1 with Mr TMDR's release?! Is your luck changing merujo?!!!


Sasquatch said...

I didn't "WOOT." I w00ted. Sheesh.

Claire said...