Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Houston, we have a problem

Whoa. Generally, you just don't picture astronauts as people with fatal attraction issues. When a married mother of three dons adult diapers so she doesn't have to take potty breaks on her 900-mile obsessive trek to attack/kidnap/harrass/scare the bejeezus out of a romantic rival... well... the words "space shuttle veteran" aren't the first ones to pop into your mind.

Fortunately, we now have Lisa Marie Nowak to, uh... expand... our perspective on the space program. My idealized view of NASA now includes crazed obsessives carrying wigs, trenchcoats, and rubber tubing, and messed up love triangles between astronauts and engineers. (Come to think of it, engineers don't usually come to mind either in screwed up romantic nightmares...) I think I liked it better when my image of the space program was just moon rocks and space walks and dehydrated ice cream and Fisher space pens.

Oh, and inspirational moments of courage and achievement. Yeah. Can't forget that, right?

Strange world we live in. I hope this woman gets the help she clearly so desperately needs. But, damn, it's so strange!

This post brought to you by Tang and Depends.

(I'll let you make your our tasteless Tang jokes and puns...)


Chuck said...

Tangs for the memories?

Anonymous said...

Don't you wonder what's going through her head at the moment they took that photo? I'm thinking "stupid, stupid, stupid!"