Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day!

My employer had a policy reversal this morning, based on the lousy condition of the streets in the District and the anticipated drop in temperatures this afternoon/evening. So, what was to be a two-hour delay to the start of the day is now a day off. I've just loaded my crockpot with borscht ingredients, and I look forward to the smell of beef and beets and cabbage and onions and garlic filling the apartment throughout the day. Ms. Cheapskate here is glad to have the palate of a peasant! Borscht and other "serf food" makes for a good meal, freezes well, and when stew meat's on sale, a bargain to boot. Perfect for a day like today.

Oh crap. I forgot sour cream at the grocery store the other night. Damnation!

Can't have borscht without smetana. Guess I'll have to venture out at some point, preferably before the streets ice over...

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Heather Meadows said...

Good luck getting the sour cream!

I've never had borscht, alas. Or if I have I was so young I don't remember.