Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey 1, Merujo 0

...or, "When Oven Doors Attack!"

400 degrees of power, power, power!
There was a lot of swearing. A lot.

Eh, I'll live. Flip side of getting the burn is that the turkey was good, and I conveniently had an appointment with a dermatologist this morning anyway. He gave me some samples of stuff to slather on the oven door whoopsie and also gave me instructions for dealing with my flaky face.

For some reason, my right eyebrow (yeah, only the right one) and an area of my face where eyeglasses meet the right temple both get flaky and weird on and off. When I get one of these episodes, I start looking like some cheap Star Trek alien with brown patches on the side of my head. It was a quick diagnosis by the doc, and get this -- the cure? Use a diluted Rx dandruff shampoo as a facial cleanser! I swear to god. I feel like Jo Jo, the Dog-Faced Boy or Cousin It. I have to wash my face with shampoo. Go figure.

I have a little of the shampoo in question left over from a business trip to Canada a few years ago. Hopefully, it's still good. If I wake up with a luxurious pelt on my face, I'll let you know.


Heather Meadows said...

Ouch, I hate oven burns! Sorry it had to happen to you! But glad you had a good dinner :)

Chuck said...

Youch! No oven injuries here, but I did almost slip down the steps today in a rush to get Mom's bag out to the car (we were running late.) Fortunately I was able to stop without falling, and have only a slightly jammed ring finger as a result.

Jamy said...

Are your glasses metal? Any chance you're having a reaction to them?

Hope that burn heals up quick!

Merujo said...

Jamy -- I switched to plastic glasses only because, like my father and brother, I am indeed allergic to the metal frames. Believe it or not, using the shampoo as a soap is actually working!

The burn is now a bizarre bright pink spot of new skin. I freaked someone out at work this morning with it, so it's hidden under a trusty band-aid now. ;)