Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where was I?

Oh yes... 2009. The new year. All that good stuff.

Well, the Crapmobile Mark II died. I mean, really died. You can't drive it for a block without thick choking smoke pouring from under the hood. As a $1200 (minimum) repair is out of my league these days, ye olde Crapmobile sits motionless in the parking lot outside Chez Merde, and I've been doing the gimpy shuffle to the bus stop in the morning. Bus service in my neighborhood is irratic, at best, and MoCo is planning on cutting buses on the route this year. As it is, if you are gimptastic like I am, you're screwed on the weekends; the bus to the Metro does not run on Saturdays and Sundays. This does keep me from doing any unnecessary shopping (she writes, finding the silver lining in a lead- and asbestos-soaked cloud.)

I don't mind taking the bus and the Metro - as long as I get on early enough to avoid the cranky commuters (especially those who hate fat people on public transportation.) I made the mistake of leaving home in the middle of rush hour one day last week and got a lovely - and probably permanent - reminder of why I don't enjoy Metro during peak hours. On the escalator to the platform at my home station, a young businessdude, surely engaged in some world-altering deal on his Crackberry, slammed his briefcase into the back of my left knee and took me clear off my feet. Yup, he knocked me down the escalator. I made a body and bone-shocking landing on the platform, which was covered in black and muddy sleet.

And chipped some of my teeth.

Bastard didn't even stop. He had to have known he knocked me over. Okay, he probably didn't mean to do it. Unless he is a sadist, it was an accident. But still. GET OFF YOUR PHONECALL AND STOP TO SEE IF I'M OKAY, YOU DOUCHEBAG!

Three people halfheartedly tried to stop him as he got on the train. They all reminded me of Gene Wilder in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" as he deadpans his false concern for the children who make terrible choices. "No, no. Stop. Please. Stop."

I went home, took a shower, scrubbed the grit out of my palms, examined my teeth, applied a lot of ice to a lot of places (astoundingly, I came out of this without any bruises on my face!) and made a return trip to the place of my humiliating defeat. Oh, what fun!

Frankly, I look forward to becoming one with the automotive rat race at some point. I know it may not sound green. It may not be my finest earth-first moment. But I'm not sure my spine will still speak to me if I end up getting knocked ass over teakettle down some moving stairs again.

Plus, I have this full-body migraine tonight after waiting a good long time for the last bus home in subfreezing weather.

I know, whine, whine, whine.

Truth is, as always, I'm lucky.

I have a job.

I have a roof over my head.

And I start the year off grateful for friends and family.

The past month has been very tough. I have gotten much better about the random rounds of tears that pop up. I'm incorporating little bits and bobs from my sister's life and home into mine: her old Pyrex bowls, a few pieces of inexpensive jewelry, a wall hanging she bought on our trip to Thailand... it's a simple tribute, but I think she'd appreciate the fact that they've found a good place at Chez Merde.

And now, another attempt at sleep. Last night, I just couldn't get warm, and I flopped all night long. I think today has me worn out enough to get some solid shut-eye.

Here's to warm blankets, peaceful rest, and sweet dreams.


Anonymous said...

Oy vey! It does keep piling on.

I hope this isn't inappropriate, but I have a big ol' heavy down comforter that needs a new home. If you'd like it, I'll bring it to you. Nothing wrong with it, just a little too warm for me. Might help you keep warm at night.

I don't think I said it before, but I'm so sorry about your sister.

(In case my email isn't attached: jamy dot barab at gmail dot com)

Robin said...

Sorry to hear about your car. It DOES suck, BTDT since last April. Bus schedules aren't any better further north in the county, either. Yes, the plus side is not getting to shop as often, also meaning less ability to run errands, or run them properly, or socialize as often, etc. Nicely, I can borrow my boyfriends car approximately 2-3 days a week. And, occasionally, I'll rent something. Remember your car staying insured keeps it registered, but you can drop the insurance to its lowest point, until you're ready to turn over your vehicle to wherever. And, keeping said car insurance also means ability to rent a car w/out paying their enormous insurance fees. Just saying. I'll be getting something driveable again myself, but I'm not there yet. That @#%%$* was some rude SOB. I'm so sorry that happened. I've been pleasantly surprised at the courtesies I've seen in / around the buses nearby me.

Mary A Brown said...

Merujo, I wish the love we all have for you was powerful enough to turn around all the crap in your life. Hopefully just knowing that we care helps a little!

Chuck said...

The public transportation here sucks. I mean, it's not HORRENDOUS, but considering I live in one of the biggest cities in the country, it could be a lot better. It's only marginally better here than it was where I lived in small city Wisconsin, and that's saying something.

Hope you can get your teeth fixed OK. Does your insurance cover that? It should. Good luck with rejoining the rat race soon.

Merujo said...

Thanks for the good words, friends!

Jamy - you are such a doll for offering your comforter. I'm actually loaded with all sorts of lovely warm blankets and quilts - this perma-chill appears to be one of those thyroid things. No matter how many layers I pile on, I'm still chillin'. But thank you!

I think I will have my late sister's car to borrow for a short time, starting this weekend (hooray!) I'm going to try to really limit my use of it, but it'll be great to be able to get back to a regular schedule of physical therapy appointments, and it will also be nice to not have to bother my bud, the Sasquatch, for a ride somewhere when I know he's got his hands full with grad school.

Ever forward. Ever forward.

Oh - and I see the dentist on Thursday. We have crappy dental coverage at work, but I have a great dentist (and she takes payment plans! Whoo-hoo!)