Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sports Stars Who Can't Keep It in Their Pants: the Anagram Edition

There's an online anagram generator that a friend posted to Facebook a couple of months back. Through it, I discovered that the best anagram for my name was "JAIL OR MADNESS." This amused me greatly. Hell, I'm probably bound down one of those routes.

For some reason this morning, I decided to enter Tiger Woods' name into the anagram generator, and I laughed out loud at the result. I swear, this thing is a modern-day Pythia, spouting wisdom from a digital Oracle of Delphi.

Based on the anagram for Mr. Woods, I thought I'd run through the names of other sports stars who (allegedly) have had had problems keeping their genitals between themselves and their spouses. No joke - here's what I got:

Tiger Woods: WORD: IT'S EGO
Michael Jordan: IDOL CAN JAM HER
Kobe Bryant: BETRAY KNOB

And, for the potpourri category bonus points...

Former president William Jefferson Clinton: JILTS NICE WOMEN. IN FOR FALL.

Oh, and Bill, bubba? If the anagram oracle is right, you should never have done that intern.

Hillary Clinton? ONLY I CAN THRILL

She should get that on her business cards. Might help in sticky diplomatic situations...

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