Thursday, November 20, 2008

Robot Chicken Star Wars: Try the Calamari

The second episode of Robot Chicken's twisted homage to Star Wars is now available online at Seriously, this should not amuse me as much as it does, but what can I say? I'm a complete idiot.

P.S. If you don't understand why that's funny, it's okay. It's a total Star Wars geek thing.

Here's a snippet that's a little less obscure, but just as silly and twisted:

Now, I need to go to the MoCo Library website and reserve a copy of Carrie Fisher's newest book, her memoir "Wishful Drinking." I think I'm glad I was a naive child when Star Wars first came out. The 70s were much more innocent if you were completely oblivious to everything around you, and you didn't know Princess Leia was just a coked up celebu-spawn teenager banging Han Solo somewhere behind the craft services table.

Good times, good times...


Anonymous said...

It's a trap!

And I want to hear about the Han Solo banging. But I don't think Carrie is going to spill. Bitch.

Chuck said...

Admiral Akbar RULES! Thanks for the heads-up, I didn't know they had come out with a sequel. I watched it online and was laughing for the whole episode.

Robin said...

Yeah, I didn't know that about her, nor will I tell my boyfriend's grandsons who ADORE Star Wars (particularly Clone Wars, especially the LEGO version). Okay, so, is this safe for work, or adult swim, well, too adult?

We all need our laughs. I usually prefer the geeky laughs, myself.

paulnojustpaul said...

We watched all of this last night. Very funny stuff! Hint for anyone else outside of the US, doesn't have the dumbass geographic restrictions. Have at it!

/wanders off muttering unkind things about content cartels.