Sunday, March 13, 2005

Venite, Andrew!

My old high school friend Andy is a fairly accomplished musician. We sang together in the concert choir, where he was a first tenor and I was a first soprano. We used to amuse each other by switching parts and driving the choir director insane with a very credible soprano floating in from the tenors and, vice versa, a pretty darn good tenor ringing out from the sopranos. There was some number we performed that included a tenor solo where Andy had to warble the word "Venite!" over several bars of music. We messed with the director at one of the final rehearsals by having me sing it. Heh heh heh. Good times for choir geeks.

Anyway, flash forward many years. Andy and his partner Rick live in Brooklyn now and are part of the very lively music scene in NYC. Something I had never figured Andy for was a folk musician, and yet, that is what he has become (along with being a respected editor in the New York theater community.) He and Rick play little venues on a fairly regular basis, and, lo and behold - they have released a cd! (Through CD Baby, which is the same company that released Thomas Dolby's "40.")

Here is the link to Andy and Rick's CD page (okay, so officially they're "Rick & Andy" but I don't know Rick, so, it's Andy & Rick for me...): .

It's been so long since I've blogged, I've forgotten all my HTML and can't remember how to make hyperlinks. I'd better refresh my memory. My resume says something about a rudimentary knowledge of HTML. Oops.

Anyway - hooray Andy and Rick! Good luck with the cd!


Sasquatch said...

Hey--what time is it in your world? Your blog says 0340, but it's only 0157 right now. Are you time traveling again? You know that's the kiss of death plot-wise. Nowhere to go but down from here, I guess...

Merujo said...

Good question, Mr. Quatch (or are you Sassie?) I set my blog to "Americas - NY" but I still appear to be time challenged. I'm clueless. My first post should have shown something like 9:40 p.m., but it says 11:08.

Go figure.