Thursday, May 02, 2013

Minotaur: Fellini Would Be Proud

Many of my 2.5 loyal readers are already familiar with my amazingly talented friend Javier Grillo-Marxuach, creator of the utterly awesome-saucy Middleman comics and equally awesome-saucy Middleman TV series ** (huzzah!) and writer of fine words/producer for shows including (but not limited to!) Lost, Medium, Boomtown, Jake 2.0, and Charmed (oh, turning Shannen Doherty into a man, still a classic!) Javi even crafted an episode of a dun-dun (aka doink-doink) franchise show. You know what I mean. Oh yes, you do.

Well, Javi (whom you may find here or here or here or here and sometimes here, when he's got his MiddleVibe goin' - follow him everywhere!!) is a filmmaker in his own right. This week, he released a freshly-crafted, wicked cool short film called Minotaur, and you should go spend 14 minutes and 35 seconds soaking up this deliciously twisted cinematic goodness. Now! Go right now! And share the link with your friends. It's pretty dang cool stuff.

Two words: pig head.

Okay - is that not enough to get you to go check it out? Pig. Head. Of course, if this mysterious reference to a porcine noggin isn't enough, let me be more emphatic:

Minotaur. Go. Watch. Enjoy!

Seriously, you'll dig it. It's a total trip.

(And hey -- once you've traveled that path, go check out Javi's short film Reverse Parthenogenesis. Another gem, featuring some of Javi's friends who will be very familiar to Sunnydale High fans.) :)

** And you should go buy The Middleman on DVD. When you're done watching Minotaur and sharing the link with your friends!

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lacochran's evil twin said...

.well that was different. Reminds me of David Lynch.

Also, I hate it when there's another chick at the party in the same ladder outfit as mine.