Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Come see me and my monkey at InterventionCon!

Hello, 2.5 loyal readers! I vanished for a couple of months there, eh? Funny thing happened: I moved. It was not by my choice. No, I was not evicted, but the owners of the condo where I'd lived for 19 (!!) years informed me of their plans to move into their unit as they downsized. Short story: I now live in the unit above my old home - quiet, mellow, hummingbirds checking out the Home Depot plants my bro and bro-in-law got for me. I am closer to the surface of the sun (by one story), so it's hotter up here, even with the A/C.

But all of that is a story for my next post, which has been perking in draft purgatory for a few weeks. It will come.

For now, I want to share with you that the Sasquatch (aka James Quigley, the letterpress craftsman/owner of Model Citizen Press) and I will be in the vendor room at InterventionCon in Rockville, Maryland this coming weekend, selling gorgeous handmade letterpress cards and prints with James' lovely work:

His little birds that will grab your heartstrings...

Wonderful old inventions...

 Funky vintage typewriters...

Even a little pop culture homage... (if you know it, you know it!)

He's got all sorts of cool stuff. Some of the cards even feature art by me! You want zombie sock monkeys?

We got zombie sock monkeys!

I even put my Russian culture education to use. We have cards with matryoshki for weddings for straight, gay, and lesbian couples. 

There are new baby cards, too, with diverse families, too. (We also have a cat matryoshki card. "Katryoshki.") 


James made cards from my mermaid drawings...

And my zaftig cherubs -- which I hand-colored with water color pencils.
If I get my ass in gear and a signing pencil in my hand, there will be some limited edition prints of my funky peacock, too. ("Funky peacock" is not a euphemism, for the record. It's a bird.)

James makes all these good things on a vintage Vandercook Proof Press at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring, which is a very cool place to learn how to make art of all sorts.

So, come back soon to read the saga of the 14-step apartment move and the epic quest for my security deposit (all battled one-handed with a torn rotator cuff, huzzah!) For now, if you're in the area, come and see us and buy some Model Citizen Press cards. Once you go letterpress, you're never going back to drug store greeting cards! (And hey—if you can't come to Rockville, you can check out the cards on the Etsy store site.)
Be there, aloha.

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