Friday, June 09, 2006

Wow, Wonkette!

Last night I went to my blog to check and see if I had any egregious spelling or grammar errors in my recent posts. I'm getting damn lazy about proofing my work. (I can hear some of my old English teachers spinning in their graves like high speed turbines.) I was fairly surprised to see a jump in my stats by more than 500 hits.


Turns out, my "Pentagon Framing Shop" post had been linked on Wonkette. Holy crow, Batman! For someone like me, who gets maybe 100 hits on a good day, that was quite something. So, I immediately went and proofread the post, finding two lame-ass grammatical errors and a couple of other questionable tidbits.

Murphy's Law dictated that Blogger be down, of course. (Blogger's down much of the time lately - the excuse is always a bad server. Hey, Blogger guys! It's time to shoot Ol' Yeller and get some new damn servers!!) But I was able to fix my laziness this morning.

By the end of the workday today, I'd gotten more than 1,200 hits via Wonkette. Helluva thing. I only wish I could be amusing on a consistent basis. My muse has issues, I'm afraid. She comes, she goes. She has the occasional Lost Weekend, drags her gin-soaked carcass back looking like a haggard Ray Milland, and then has sporadic bursts of funny and/or insightful moments as she sobers up.

From - I want one of these!! (I wrote the paragraph above and then went searching for "drunk muse" on Google images, and poof - this appeared. Too damn funny!)

I'll work on getting my muse into a 12-step program and aim to keep the level of writing up here. Honest, I will.

On another topic altogether - is it possible that, if we shave Ann Coulter's head, we just might find a small cluster of sixes? Just thinking out loud...


Claire said...

Very cool.

Dig the mug too.

Spencer said...

Congrats. I could only wish to get 1,200 a month.

Cyn said...

Me too Spencer :)

Excellent, Merujo -- the post was hilarious, so you deserved every hit (er...sounds semi-battered-womanish, but I'm too tired to put it any other way, sorry.)

Uncle Mike said...

Lovely, Merujo. Congratulations.

I had a dream once where I got 1200 hits on my blog.

But then I woke up.

cyn, you deserve better. You're a good person. Yes, you are.