Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My friends rock

A very special shout-out to Mary, Jill, and Desiree (not even messing around with noms de blog today) for FedEx'ing me some hometown love on dry ice.

This morning, a huge box arrived for me at work, and within it, a styrofoam cooler of fabulousness: two half-gallons of luscious, sugar-free ice cream from Whitey's, a hometown legend of dairy goodness. One of my coworkers is also from Moline, Illinois, and she and I just marveled over the fact that we had actual, gen-u-ine Whitey's ice cream in our office, resting on blocks of dry ice, fogging up the room. If you're from Moline, this is like a religious thing. Seriously.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

I have really cool friends.

Thank you, ladies. You are the best.

And, I have dry ice now, so I can restage the "Stonehenge" scene from "This is Spinal Tap" right here on my desk.

While I eat ice cream.


suze said...

wow. those are some awesome friends. and you so deserve it :)

Sasquatch said...

As long as you do it in Dobly and ensure that your Stonehenge isn't in any danger of being crushed by a dwarf, you should be fine. (Being crushed by a dwarf would tend to understate the hugeness of an object.)

Shafa said...

I almost said "Mind that you don't put an eye out with the laser light show" before I realized that would be TERRIBLE faux pas.

Enjoy the ice cream.