Sunday, July 16, 2006

Update from the Reduced Vision Zone

I'm working on the rest of the Iowa trip post, honest. It's just not fun to spend time in front of the computer these days. Patience and adaptability are, apparently, two key areas I need to work on.

Soon, more words for you.

For now, I thought some of you might find this interesting. My blind spot creates some frightening images for me now. I see doubles of words and small things now - I thought someone had two "Jesus fish" on his car today. Indeed, he only had one. No religious overkill (it was a "Fish 'n' Chips" fish, anyway), just my permanent optical illusion. One of the freakier things is that, now, when I look at my own eye in the mirror, even though the Sasquatch swears it looks normal, this is what I see:

What I see is my eye, hazy and wavy, but with, seemingly, a large, uneven segment of the hazel pigment missing. Just grey/blackness in its place. I quietly freaked out when I saw it, but the Sasquatch told me, it's actually fine. It's simply part of the sight that's missing. Today, I showed him how much of my vision is gone. He ran his hand before his face for me (his wonderful face, half of which is gone in my eye) and I told him when his fingers vanished and when they reappeared as melty Dali-esque figures.


Okay, enough dwelling on this. My next post will be the rest of the Iowa saga. It will be long, as it will have lots of photos crammed into it. If I can hack staring at the screen for a while, I'll have it up tomorrow.

Now, off to bed...


Washington Cube said...

How frightening. We take so much for granted. {{{hugs}}}}

radiocynic said...

Wow. Well, it's good to see you're still blogging occasionally anyway, despite it possibly making you feel sick!

I think Claire mentioned this a couple of blogs ago... Would an occasional eyepatch situation be an option? Just to keep you from feeling ill when using computers or whatever? Or do the doctors want you constantly "exercising" the affected eye to continue the adaptation process?

Sorry for being curious; it just keeps occuring to me (since having a conversation last weekend with a quite-functional cousin who has only one functional eye) that just using one at a time would make you less nauseous than trying to use the wavy-vision one all the time. Of course, I'm not a doctor, (nor do I play one on tv.)

Merujo said...

Cubette, thanks for the hugs - much appreciated.

Randy - it's funny - nature is giving me my own eyepatch. Without noticing, I'm discovering that I'm keeping that eye shut. Suddenly, I'll realize that I've had it closed for a long time and it freaks me out a little. I meant to respond to Claire and forgot - I do have an eyepatch. I'm not wearing it a great deal, only because it gets sweaty really fast. (Ewww.) The doctor does want me to get used to using the eye, though. But I have double vision now, so it's very frustrating. Errrrg.

Mary A Brown said...

Merujo, someone near you isn't wearing the Foreigner belt from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, is s/he? Though I suppose being Cold As Ice would be a blessing about now...