Friday, October 12, 2007


Tonight is the first night I've felt cold so far this season. I'm about to brush my teeth, wrap up in warm fuzzy jammies and hit the sack. It's supposed to get down to the 40s tonight. Brrrrrrr!

More x-rays tomorrow morning. Oh, the excitement never ends! Had to get the new car inspected today, and while some brake work was being done, I hobbled to the office via the Metro. Just that short walk back and forth between the station and work killed me. Spasm central tonight (although no tears, I'm glad to say.) I'm swathed in a layer of Thera-gesic pain relieving creme and slightly numbed with a couple of pain pills. Here's hoping for good sleep in the chilly night air!

Hey -- on a totally different - and much more entertaining - topic, I've failed to offer up congratulations here to Javi for the fact that his funky cool comicbook series The Middleman has been picked up as a live-action TV pilot by ABC Family! How freaking fabulous is that, eh? Can't wait for the day when I can hunker down in front of my Sony Trinitron (I'll even dust it for the occasion) and see the Middleman and Wendy and Co., live on my screen!

Damn fine work, Javier! Looking forward to seeing this baby!! And that's not just the handful of Ultracet talking!


Chuck said...

Yow, I hope you feel better soon there, M. I hope that cell-phone-chattering wench's insurance is paying for all of this.

Cyn said...

Dusting? What's that?

Seriously, having a show picked up by a network is incredible news. Very cool for Javi.

Hope the x-rays turn out okay. You're due for a break, ya know. (Um, not a "break" as it applies to a vertebrae, though...perhaps a poor choice of word...)

Now that you have a Mighty Taurus (and with functioning brakes, it seems) you are a force to be reckoned with! It's like a suit of armor...or a shall become indestructable -- you'll see.

Happy for the chill, if only that I really like jackets. Coats are okay, but jackets rule. (I'm very deep, no?)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout out! may the stars align and allow me to provide the requisite excuse for hunkering before the trinitron!