Saturday, October 06, 2007

Neither here nor there, but...

Watching NBC season opener reruns tonight, I had to smile when the hapless Nerd Herd'er guy-filled-with-secrets "Chuck" reveals one of the dark government secrets in his head to be how Oceanic Flight 815 went down. Of course, as the secrets are spilling out of his brain (and his mouth) he only gets to say, "Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down by..."

Heh. Good one.

I like the thought of totally unrelated TV shows being part of the same universe.

Oooh -- interesting tangential point: during the post-concert meet & greet in Annapolis, I heard Thomas tell a fan that his friend JJ Abrams had written a whole episode of "Alias" around the song "One of Our Submarines Is Missing." Guess it never was produced. Shame - that would have been very cool!

On the personal front...

Bad news: my back is still killing me today.

Good news: I may have found a new old car. Keep fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for me!


Heather Meadows said...

Not being a Lost watcher, I had to Google that...but now that I have: hee hee! I love in-jokes like that.

Best of luck with the car!

Anonymous said...

Recently, nearly incapacitated by bad back. What really helped: standing, lying flat or walking. No lie. Walking. Lost about 5 pounds too. Maybe forget the car for 6 months, save up some more cash and lose a bit of weight in the process. A thought. Good luck in any event.

Merujo said...

You know, I really wish not having a car at all would be a good option, frankly. If I lived in the District, or lived closer to reliable public transportation, that would be fantastic. (I think I was my healthiest ever when I was in college, living in St. Paul, MN, biking and walking everywhere, and when I was in London and walked like crazy.)

I live just far enough from the nearest Metro that walking is too much for the back -- the little Ride-On bus for my neighborhood rarely runs on schedule on weekdays, and doesn't run at all on weekends. But since the car I just procured today guzzles a bit more gas than my old car, I will be aiming to walk more than I have in years to avoid using the car when possible.

I've discovered, too, that whiplash nausea and back pain is a great weight loss plan. Nothing tastes good. Lots of water, fresh fruit, and jello. My own hospital menu. Heh.

Thanks, too, for your suggestions. I'm finding that lying flat is working for me, too, when I can finally settle enough to rest. Standing for long still hurts, as I suffered injuries to both the lower back and the C1/C2 right up where the head attaches to the neck. Bleech.