Sunday, October 21, 2007


My back is killing me right now, which is why you haven't seen squat from me lately. Give me a few days to feel better, and I'll be more in the mood to write. Meanwhile, I found a link on Fark to an article decrying the increasing skank level of Halloween costumes for young girls. Fortunately, the handful of young kiddos who show up at my door in recent years all tend to go the angel & fairy princess routes, so I haven't had to witness the skanktasm. And thus, I don't have to be depressed about the continuing decline of one of my favorite holidays.

However, this post really has nothing to do with that story itself. It's about the ad image that popped up, embedded in the article about scantily clad tweenie Halloweenies, next to a paragraph that opens with " Women's costumes are pervasively provocative..." In case the ad changes by the time you click the link, I'm posting it below:

The, uh, beaver screen shot...

I don't know if it's a coinkidink, but I chuckled an evil, evil chuckle over this. Shame on me.

Almost time for more pain killers. Whoo-hoo. Lemme just say this - if they continue to find new fractures in my spine, I'm gonna scream.


Anonymous said...

Nice catch. After working in advertising for enough years, I know some advertisers just don't think where their ads will show up.

I remember a few years back when the DC sniper was terrorizing the capitol area, I noticed an ad for a travel site on USA Today's site where they used a rifle sight analogy to demonstrate targeting low fares. Just by chance it showed up on an article about the sniper. Not the message they were looking for.

I have to say the ad looks like something from an episode of South Park - but that's me.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Don't miss the "snow-capped peaks" behind the "beaver!"

Anonymous said...

LOL! There's no way that wasn't on purpose.

Did Mr. Garrison write this?