Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Final Auld Lang Syne

Dan Fogelberg died. I had no idea that he'd been battling prostate cancer. This morning, he lost that battle.

Fogelberg was among the first singer-songwriter storytellers whose music moved me. I think I discovered his music around the same time I discovered Joni Mitchell by going through my sisters' vinyl. I know some of my friends will roll their eyes at my affection for Fogelberg's music, but there was a sweet sadness to so much of it - a gentleness to the stories and a romanticism lacking in my real world.

I'm sorry to hear he's gone. 56 is far too young to leave this world. I visited his website, where he had posted a letter to his fans before he died, urging all the guys to get annual DRE (Digital Rectal Exam) and PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) tests. And so, guys, I'll urge you, too. Get yourself tested. I think it's well worth a moment of discomfort.

Goodbye, Dan. Thanks for all the lovely songs.


Anonymous said...

i shocked to hear that..

Anonymous said...

Dan had somewhat mythic status at U of I when I was there though he left long before I started. The Red Herring was always mentioned as the place where he got his start and I sometimes felt I could hear echoes of him when I saw movies there. I am saddened to hear we lost him so young.

Parcel Post said...

I was luckier than Dan. At age 51 I had my first physical, blood test, ect. My family doctor felt that a PSA of 2.5 justified a specialist's attention. The prostrate biopsy was no fun (what the heck are doing with that needle, doc?). Four labs (incl. Johns Hopkins, Mayo..) gave no positive diagnosis. I agreed to pursue the surgery rather than seeding. 5 years ago this month, post surgery biopsy proved the prostate cancer was 75% invasive, a millimeter from the eurethra!! I am fortunate to be a survivor. Regular testing can save lives. I am 56.