Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merujo's Kitchen has been resurrected!

Many moons ago, I started a cooking/baking/recipe spot/domestic rambling blog, Merujo's Kitchen. I had it here on Blogspot, but through some problems during a transfer to Wordpress as a back-up, my merujoskitchen ID here was sucked up by some scummy blogsquatting spam monster.

The old entries still reside over in Wordpress, so I've decided to re-open the kitchen. I've already sent out a couple of invitations for people to participate in posting, but my memory is like Swiss cheese lately. If you were a member of the Kitchen previously and you'd like to be able to post again, please drop me a line or leave a comment!

We can make it a fun place for storytellers who happen to have good recipes to share and amusing domestic stories to tell. And I promise not to suddenly shut it down again.

Again, the URL is

Looking forward to seeing you there!

1 comment:

suze said...

Yay! The kitchen is back :)