Sunday, July 25, 2010

Eh, screw it!

I was going to hit the AMC Theatres @ White Flint for a 9:10 a.m. showing of "Inception" tomorrow (well, hell - it's 1:44 in the morning, so make that today) but I think the phrase that pays right now is fuhgettaboutit! I got four movies from Redbox and I'll have a leisurely day of doing laundry, dishes, and making a crock pot of sirloin tips in fresh mushroom sauce (to be served over zucchini - guest starring in the role of pasta.) I can see "Inception" later. I just realized that, even at the ungodly flick-viewing hour of 9 ayem, there will likely be a ton of peeps looking for a place with blasting A/C to shelter from Mutha Nature's major thermostatic malfunction.

Okay. Alarm turned off. It's sack time! Tomorrow, a little Scandahooligan subtitle magic and "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."


Chuck said...

Inception is a good flick, I saw it in IMAX over the weekend. Even the late show (10:20 PM) it was still pretty packed so you may have been wise to wait another weekend or two.

Washington Cube said...

When I lost power last night, I went to see Inception (the last showing...earlier was sold out.) I think a lot of people were escaping the "no power" thing.

I have to say I was disappointed and yet had read "amazing/makes you think/best flick of summer. I was bored. I had no problem following the dream layers, nor did I walk out "confused" as I heard a lot of from other people. Came home to still no power and had the same sleep issues you did. This a.m. power came back, but no street lights, so lots of problems in traffic. When the electricity goes out...we are just foobared aren't we?