Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Screw you, PEPCO

To the Management of the glorious Potomac Electric Power Company:

A few requests...

I'd like you to cover the cost of my fridge & freezer full of spoiled food (third time this year.)

I'd like you to spend the next few nights, tossing and turning on my sofa as the temperatures soar again.

I'd also like your reps to not make ridiculous comments on the radio, suggesting that people WITHOUT ANY POWER go check your website for updates and to see the outage map (oh, the bitter laughter in my car over that one!)

Most of all, I'd like you to turn the frigging power back on.

Don't feel like being nice at this point. This crap happens far too often. Friday is when you expect the power to come back on for everyone? I wonder how many elderly or ill people will suffer health crises in the next few days after being stuck in stifling conditions. And how many folks, including me, will be struggling to figure out where to get the money to replace the ruined food.

Screw you, PEPCO. You need to have a "come to Jesus" moment about your infrastructure and your ability to respond to emergencies.

For the record, I appreciate everything the guys in the trucks and on the ground are doing; my big middle finger is for the management of PEPCO.

You're doing this wrong.

This post inaugurates a new label for blog entries: "PEPCO." Why? Because I see a theme developing.



Claire said...

Friday? Argh. That more than sucks!

PEPCO management, you've earned my wrath!

Washington Cube said...

I lost cable power (tv and computer) during the night and when I called Comcast, they weren't even answering their phone...just a recorded message to call again later. I have a friend who works for PEPCO (and hates them) and she put out on her Facebook that she's been working 12-hour days. Having lost a days power during the storm (so why did cable go out AFTER?) I am really puzzled why, in 2010, we still have these all too common outages, and like you, many a time I've had to toss a refrigerator full of food...and I get rid of it all..condiments, everything. I just don't trust it after that. Our current world relies much too heavily on electricity for this to happen as much as it does. Instead of the billions lost over in the varied wars we've been suckered into....I didn't vote for war. Did you?....why can't we dumping that money into securing our basic resources? During one bad bout a few years ago...2006? I had to check into a hotel for three days. That's insane.

Merujo said...

Cubette - it's simply ridiculous, isn't it? I am not looking forward to throwing out a whole fridge/freezer of food yet again. I woke up at 4:30 this morning, in absolute misery. I went out to forage for breakfast at 5:00 (after my asinine call to PEPCO when they told me they had no idea when the power would be back) and my neighborhood looked like a set from a George Romero zombie flick. People were just wandering around the streets in the semi-dark, unable to sleep.

I hope PEPCO is repeatedly raked over the coals for this crap. Enough is enough.