Thursday, November 08, 2007

I understand spiders are supposed to be good luck

An IM conversation I just had with a friend:

merujo: I bought a bag of peanuts downstairs.
merujo: I opened the bag of peanuts at my desk.
merujo: I wondered, huh, why do these peanuts seem to be stuck together?
merujo: And then I saw the big spider web.
merujo: And then I saw the big fucking spider.
merujo: That was alive in the bag.
friendperson: ew
merujo: Before it freaked out and jumped onto me.
friendperson: ack
friendperson: did you bring it back?
merujo: Well, that would require me picking up everything that flew out of my hands onto the floor when I screamed.


J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Good God! You have the damnedest luck! I woulda had a coronary right there. I HATE spiders. Blech.

Merujo said...

I'm amazed you couldn't hear me scream all the way over at your office!! I had the phantom itchies for the rest of the day, certain that the spider (that got away) had crawled up the leg of my pants/down the sleeve of my shirt/into my hair.


This sucker was BIG. And this stupid machine-sealed bag of honey roasted peanuts was only about 4"x6". How the hell it survived in there, I have no idea!

Heather Meadows said...

Holy shit!

Well that should be worth at least five years of good luck right there, I guess!

Sudiegirl said...

icky icky icky!

i would have had to take medical leave...eeek!

Anonymous said...


That would have destroyed me.

Chuck said...

My, I don't think that EATING spiders is good luck.

You should forward this one to MM. After all his near-death spider experiences, I'm sure he'd get a kick out of it.

Scholiast said...

you didn't send it right back to the producer? I mean, the web was still in there, right? I've sent back jam w/ fly in it, chocolate w/ plastic in it - got loads of replacement goodies back.

That being America you could probably sue them for a few millions...? trying to murder you (i.e. forcing you to eat damaged food) AND scaring the living daylights out of you? Yeah, would be worth a try...

you poor thing, I hate spiders too, I'd just die, I really would...

Scholiast said...

oh, btw, just noticed your labels, and as spiders aren't insects I wondered what was?