Thursday, September 04, 2014

No fear, no regret, no turning back

Recently, I wrote a piece for an online mailing list and told 24K+ humans to "... carve out a little portion of time every day to do something creative or something that feeds your passion. And share what you make! If you put it out there, you can’t hide in fear of rejection. Good, bad, ugly, totally unabashedly cheesy—boldly embrace what gives you joy."

To that end, I'm going to post something tonight I hadn't planned to offer up to the ether. It's a piece of fiction. It's not great work, but it represents my response to one of those writing prompts I was provided. I submitted it to a pile of magazines, and it was rejected each time. The quality of my work, when it actually passed the initial intern intake sniff test, was described as "awful" and "juvenile." Of course, since I hadn't finished a piece of fiction since I was an awful juvenile, that shouldn't have been a surprise. But hey—you have to start somewhere, and this is where I started. 

The Sasquatch encouraged me to go ahead and post it here, and I thank him for urging me to do exactly what I told others to do. Can't hide in fear of rejection when it's staring you in the face in big black letters on a big white screen.

So, look for my awful, juvenile fiction tonight. It's free to read, so you can't ask for your money back!

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