Friday, February 10, 2006

At last, winter is coming!

After a virtually snow-free season, we're finally getting an appreciable amount of white stuff this weekend. Whoo-hoo! My 'hood is projected to get 5"-8" of snow over the next two days. Of course, here in the DC area, this means that people are buying all the milk, bread, and toilet paper available for 100 miles, just in case the 5" of snow turns into a blizzard and they have to go all Donner Party and start eating their young.

"Bobby? Sorry, son. You drew the short straw. But don't worry. We'll eat ya slow and savor every bit..."

The things you can find on Google images... my, my, my...

It'll be nice to see a little white stuff around here. It's supposed to start slowly tomorrow morning and grow heavier throughout the day. I'm feeling a bit better at last, so I think I'm going to take the laptop up to the coffeeshop in the a.m. and do some writing before it gets too treacherous to drive. It'll be nice to have a warm cup o' joe and the opportunity to craft some text that isn't connected to federal funding!

I'm taking a break from watching the always surreal opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. I don't care what country is hosting, the ceremonies always look like bad performance art at a junior college. I know millions and millions of dollars/lira/you name it go into the ceremonies, but, in the end, it's always weird music and a lot of people in spandex doing interpretive dance. I saw that movie, it was called "Tron" and it was better with Bruce Boxleitner and David Warner as the MCP.

Tron or Torino? You make the call!

Okay. Break over. The parade of countries has started. I just heard them call Andorra. Man, I loved her on "Bewitched."

(Yes, I need sleep. Let the slaphappiness begin!)


Pirate Twin said...

Hurray! Congrats on your winter weather. I used to go to the stores in Virginia just to people-watch. The milk-bread-toil-et-pa-per march is always very amusing. And it's comforting to know that some things never change.

As for the Olympic opener, I tuned in to a rebroadcast around 5 this morning, to find Yoko Ono reciting the words to "Imagine." What, exactly, she (or John) have to do with Italy or winter sports, I'm not sure. Telling the competing athletes to "imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do" seems counter-productive, but what the hell do I know? Then they started it all over by having Peter Gabriel sing it. Now, what does HE have to do with it? Perhaps I'm missing something.

Merujo said...

"Telling the competing athletes to "imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do" seems counter-productive, but what the hell do I know?"

That's funny! Thanks, PT!

I'm off to the coffee shop and then a short foray into groceryland. Believe it or not, I'm sicker today than I was yesterday. WTF?

Washington Cube said...

Sorry to learn of the lingering yucks. This is the perfect weather for staying inside. I watched part of 2001 late last night, and it's held up pretty well, over time...dated technology concepts, but overall, not bad. Kubrick sure loves that hard white light.

've been reading up more on the Olympics this morning and how Nancy Kwan may have to remove herself from competing. It made me wonder why she pushed to be on the team in the first place: 1) she's past her prime as a novice competitor; 2) she knew she was injured; and 3) now if she does withdraw by the deadline, that means her substitute has to get going, endure jet lag and be at peak readiness with...what..days..hours to do so. Kwan should have gone commercial years ago, but for that elusive gold. I thought she was selfish to push herself on to the team this time round.

Merujo said...

I hate how NBC really forces the whole "she's here for that last medal that has evaded her, blah blah..." bit down our throats. Just like the way they build the hype around the speedskater who *could* win 5 medals. Just back off, guys. Don't create drama. Let it just come on its own, okay?

I woke up this morning feeling worse than I did the last two days, but I got my butt up and out, and I'm working on my second big cup of tea at Mayorga in Rockville, just watching the snow come down. It's nice.

Pirate Twin said...

I'm with you guys re: Kwan. Though, Miss Hughes (Emily?) is officially an alternate, so she's probably practicing and already in Italy, either way.

Meru, I'm happy for you enjoying a cool snowstorm. I have a friend down in St. Mary's that always sends me pics of the Tiki Bar at Solomons when it snows. I expect him to mail me on Monday. heh!

I wish someone could bottle that snow-falling-on-snow sound for me. I love that sound.

Pirate Twin said...

It occurred to me: Michelle probably will wait til the last minute, if she drops out of competition. There are too many endorsement deals. For example, if she waits three more days to withdraw, Coca-Cola can run the Kwan cheerleader commercial that much longer. Sad state of affairs but that's got to be a part of it.

Pirate Twin said...

Well, Michelle withdrew this morning, so I was wrong. And Emily Hughes was supposed to leave today for Turin, but can't get out of NYC due to snow. Gotta love that Olympic skating drama.

BTW - skating fans, look for this show on USA Network called "Olympic Ice." It's really good. There are behind-the-scenes reports and it's hosted by Mary Deadpan Collier and Scott Hamilton. I think it's on daily.

Anonymous said...

Five inches? Lucky duck. We got two feet!

Merujo said...

In the end, Rabbit - we got 14" here! It was beautiful this a.m., but the snow was so heavy, it brought down powerlines all over the place.