Monday, February 06, 2006

Coda to an L.A. Story

I forgot one great little gem. On Sunday morning, I woke up in the hotel to the sounds of my next door neighbors having a spirited discussion about their day:

She (young woman): "I want to carry the gun today."

He (older dude): "No, dammit! We're in Los Angeles. I'm carrying the gun."

She: "I don't see why I can't carry it."

He: "This is L.A. I told you, if we went to L.A., I was carrying the gun. This place is not safe."

My reality seems to get stranger every single day...


suze said...


so not something you'd hear in canada ;)

Keith near Denver said...

There names weren't Honey Bunny and Pumpkin were they?

Merujo said...

Love it! I never saw the woman. The guy was around 55 or so, and he looked annoyed with the world. Pumpkin Sr., heh heh heh!

Vecordious One said...

You are never more than an inch away from imminent danger or disaster, are you?

How much you wanna bet the guy had a "Unicorn Tattoo" somewhere on his body?


"Magnet for the Macabre and Maniacal".

She sees "scary people".

Vecordious One

Sudiegirl said...

This sounds like an argument between my parents.

And BTW, my mom has a really nice Colt Python (that's a gun), but she never cleaned it. She made Dad do it.

Ah, life in Iowa...