Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pour some salt on me...

...for I'm a big ol' blog slug.

I recognize that my output has plummeted in recent weeks. I have some deadlines hovering of a personal and financial nature that have kept me away from the keyboard. Give me a couple of weeks and things will be back to semi-normal. (Well, as close as normal as I ever get.) In fact, I anticipate money getting so tight that blogging will again - like last summer - be my primary entertainment outlet. A little nervous breakdown-inducing for me, but great for creative output and for the 4.5 of you that enjoy my stories. I have more to tell. Just wait. I want to re-earn my "Witty Raconteur" badge. First, though, I have to earn my "Sanity Re-established" badge and my "Not Evicted" badge. I was a good Girl Scout. I'll pull through.

And my apologies to the fine folks whose blogs I normally read on a regular basis: Javi, Suze, Gina, Spencer, Claire, Cindy, Magazine Man, Scholiast, Cube, Reya, Dariush, Always Write... (Sasquatch and Gonzomantis have heard more from me lately than all of the rest of you combined!) I haven't been focused enough to offer you good comments on your fine writing. But I'm out here. Just a bit more reserved that usual.

In the words of the honorable governor of California: I'll be back.


Shafa said...

*waiting patiently for your return*

Bill said...

It's worth the wait, and in the meantime those of us just getting reacquainted with your writing can enjoy the wonderful archives. And your estimate of the number who enjoy your blog is low... it has to be more than 4.5 -- many MANY more! Maybe even Mandy Moore, who knows for sure?

Claire said...

hey, first things first. I think we all get that. (I'm sure to be in a similar position myself at some point.)

Good to know you're still around and will be back for more once things settle down. Good luck with the upcoming deadlines.

Scholiast said...

You haven't missed much on my part, been kind of sluggish myself.. But not actually without ideas, "just" without time..

Will always be coming back to your blog anyway!