Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Just a few pics from San Francisco...

I'm utterly zonked this week, I swear. I will have stories to tell after the weekend, I'm sure. But for now, with one eye open, I give you Merujo's half-assed photos from San Francisco!

(Disclaimer: the camera really is dying, and my skillz ain't so mad in the pho-tog-raphy department...)

Signs on Van Ness

The view to Alcatraz

Lombard Street - the curviest street around

Me at the bottom of the curvy part of Lombard (timer shot)

Looking down Lombard - angle parking, not for novices or the nervous

The cable car turnaround down by Fisherman's Wharf

Unattractive self-portrait with cable car

Better picture of cable cars

The Buena Vista Cafe - where Irish coffee was born

*Love* their neon sign

In case you forget, you're on Beach Street

Ghirardelli Square

Beware the Beast Master!

I choose not to swim

The Lone Sailor (some chick had just grabbed his ass before I shot this photo)

Sunset over the Pacific

The lights just coming up on the Golden Gate

One of many Mel's

The little drive-in where I had a killer hot dog and a milkshake, not far from the Fillmore Theater

More words soon. Just let me catch my breathe and get some sleep!


Cyn said...

Great Photos! Do not diss your skillz!

Photos remind me that I have Atlantic City photo blog half-finished in draft mode. Maybe week...

I haven't been to SF for many years, but the Ghirardelli sign was probably the strongest memory trigger (shows my priorities.)

Janet Kincaid said...

Sigh. Home. Now I'm homesick...

Thank you for sharing...

Next time you go to S.F., be sure to check out Ti Couz in the Mission District. Best crepes in the world!

Claire said...

The first few shots are all near where I used to live. The terrain is so distinctive, it's familiar in a way places I've lived much longer don't always strike me.

Or maybe it's just that many movies have been shot around there. Anyway, looking forward to tales once you've rested up.

suze said...

Mmmm. I've never been to san francisco, but now I think I'd like to go. I'm glad you had a good time.